Every year in the United States, 3 million seniors citizens visit the emergency room for fall-related injuries. One in five falls results in a broken bone or head injury. Such accidents can seriously affect an elderly person’s quality of life. To protect your loved one, here are useful tips to make your home safe for seniors.

Minimize Clutter to Make Your Home Safe for Seniors

Loose wires, stacks of magazines, and bulky furniture present hazards to seniors and younger people alike. You may trip over items on the floor or struggle to navigate a cluttered room. To make your home safer, get rid of unnecessary items and clear pathways. Decluttering isn’t only good for older family members. A clutter-free home helps reduce stress and it’s easier to clean.

Put Items Within Reach

You may be able to safely use a step stool to reach a high shelf or squat down to access a low cupboard, but such tasks are more difficult for an older person. A senior can easily hyperextend or twist a muscle and fall. To make your home safer, make items easily accessible for elderly family members.

Make Your Home Safe for Seniors by Installing Bright Lighting

As people age, they often experience a gradual decline in vision. If rooms in the home are not well-lit, older family members may struggle to find a clear pathway. Bright bulbs and an abundance of lamps will better illuminate the house to make it easier for seniors to see and function throughout the home.

Install Proper Railings

Handrails decrease the likelihood of a fall. Seniors may stumble on the stairs, when stepping in and out of the shower, and when getting out of bed. Durable rails should be installed in these places to make sure your loved one can go about their daily routine without the risk of falling.

Get Rid of Rugs

Rugs can slip on hardwood floors and cause a fall. Anybody could get their foot caught and trip on the edge. Younger people may be able to catch themselves before a serious fall, but an older family member won’t have such quick reflexes. Use non-slip rug grips under rugs or remove them from your home entirely.

Non-Slip Floors and Stairs Help Make a Home Safe for Seniors

Floors and stairs can be slippery on their own, especially if they’re hardwood or laminate. To lessen the hazard, wax floors with non-slip polish. Install stair treads on all indoor and outdoor stairs. If replacing the flooring in the budget, shop for safer flooring materials. Cork is durable, insulating, and a great option in a home with elderly family members.

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