If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to keep a cleaner home, begin by removing things you no longer want or need. Clutter makes cleaning your house more difficult and can affect your mental health by causing stress and anxiety. Take the time to declutter your home and you’ll have tidy, more relaxing living spaces.

Start Small to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering the entire house might feel overwhelming. However, the process is simple when you start small. Decide on the amount of time you can spend and choose a space that you can declutter within that time frame.

If you only have a few minutes, declutter a single kitchen cabinet, a drawer in the garage, or your medicine cabinet. With a few hours to spare, you can clear the clutter from the bathroom cabinet or from under your bed. Give yourself a day to declutter a closet and plan on an entire weekend to declutter your garage.

Clear the Space

No matter where you choose to start, begin by completely clearing out the space you will be decluttering. Remove everything from the area. This gives you the perfect opportunity to clean. You’ll be able to return the belongings you keep to a freshly cleaned space.

If you’re starting your decluttering project with a kitchen drawer, remove the drawer from the cabinet and clean it thoroughly, wiping the inside, sides, and underneath. When decluttering a closet, remove all clothing, shoes, and accessories and put them on the floor or bed. Take the time to wipe down the shelving, the closet rods, wash the walls, and clean the floor.

Sort Your Belongs to Declutter Your Home

The next step in decluttering is to sort your belongings and decide what you will keep. Make four piles for this part of the process: items you’ll keep, items you’ll donate, trash, and items that belong elsewhere in the home.

Sort each item you’ve removed from the space into one of these piles. Use a cardboard box to collect belongings that are still usable but that you no longer need. These are things you can donate to a local charity. Keep a trash bin nearby to immediately toss out anything that is no longer usable. This includes broken items or clothes that are damaged beyond repair. Use a basket to gather items that you’ll keep but that don’t belong in that space.

You’ll be left with only the items that need to be organized and neatly put away.

Storage Solutions

Once you’ve cleared out your belongings you’ll see what items you have left to store. Find places in the drawer, cabinet, or closet for these items. Purchase organizer trays, extra shelving, or other storage solutions to help keep the space tidy and neat.

Decluttering involves getting rid of items you no longer want or need and finding ways to store the items you’ll be keeping. With fewer belongings, your house will be less stressful to clean and organize.

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