Thunderstorms and hurricanes are difficult to predict, and always being prepared is helpful. Intense storms can damage roofing, break windows, and cause flooding. Wind mitigation is key to strengthening your home’s ability to withstand high winds throughout the year.

Living in a state where high winds and storms are expected raises questions about how to protect your home. Hurricane season lasts from June to November, but storms remain a threat all year long in some areas. 

Protecting Your Home

Improving the integrity of your home will help you save money by reducing the risk of damage when a storm or hurricane occurs. Protecting your home from wind damage includes adding waterproof features to windows and installing a strong roof covering. Roof-to-wall attachment clips, a hip-shaped roof, and roof deck attachments are upgrades that make a home more wind-resistant.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind mitigation inspections verify a home meets current building standards and is equipped with adequate protective measures. Although wind inspections are optional in certain states, some insurance companies require them.

Hurricane, flood, and wind insurance is a considerable expense in states where storms are common. Homeowners that take precautions may be eligible for discounts on their premiums. In some areas, homeowners insurance companies are required to provide discounts on structures that pass these inspections.

Benefits of Wind Mitigation

A professional inspector can assess the safety of your home through a wind mitigation inspection. The inspector will identify structural weaknesses and suggest better ways to protect the property from high winds. These measures save time and money because they help the homeowner avoid costly roof and window repairs after a storm. 

The inspector will complete a wind mitigation form you can return to the insurance company to obtain a discount on homeowners insurance.

Order a wind inspection to better understand your home’s ability to withstand storm winds. You’ll learn about measures to save money and keep your home and family safe.

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