Welcome to Low Keys Home Inspections’ Blog!  Our clients are our #1 priority, which is why you can call us at any time 7 days a week and why we offer inspections when others won’t, including holidays and -if possible- within 24 hours of your call. We also know that building genuine relationships is what drives our success and your satisfaction.  In an effort to keep you informed and often entertained, this blog will include helpful information on home inspections, insight to our life here in the Florida Keys (you’ll likely find us fishing, gardening or spending time with our family and dogs if we aren’t performing a home inspection), and occasionally some interesting stories about the experiences we’ve had on the job. We invite you to check back frequently for new stories, helpful information and important updates about Low Keys Home Inspections.

With our years of experience in building and home construction, we have run into intriguing and even outrageous situations. Here are some of our favorite and most memorable stories that showcase some humorous reasons for why a home inspection is critical to the home buying and selling process. While one of our craziest stories involves a cat, we assure you no animals were harmed!  

The Cat in the… Wall! While on a bank stage of completion inspection, Hans discovered a cat inside the wall of a building! The cat had been sheet-rocked in by mistake, but thanks to the inspection, the cat was discovered unharmed.

In Hot Water! During a Full Service Home Inspection for a brand new home, Hans found that the toilet was filling with hot water!

A Loopy Discovery! One time, homeowners reported that their dishwasher needed to be replaced because the dishes always seemed to come out dirty. What Hans discovered was that the discharge line to the disposer did not have a high loop. This had been the case during the entire time that they had lived in the home!  The owners’ relief outweighed their disgust, and the slightly messy yet money-saving find turned out to be an easy fix. The owners were delighted to learn that they did not need to purchase a replacement appliance before they successfully sold their home.

Thank you for joining us and for reading our first blog!  We look forward to sharing more of our adventures, in addition to helpful tidbits about the home inspection process and life in the Florida Keys!