Where to Store Belongings During a Remodel?

Many homeowners will want to remodel their homes at some point. Remodeling is a worthy project, however, you’re faced with the challenge of storing your belongings while work is going on. This is particularly true if the updates are going to take weeks or even months. Here are some ideas for storage during remodeling.

Choose One Room for Storage During Remodeling

If you own a larger house, there is probably a room that is rarely used where things can be stored. You may also be fortunate to find space in your garage or basement. This room would be a cost-effective solution to store items during a remodel. Also, there is no need to transport your stuff to another location, especially fragile items.

Ask Your Family and Friends for Help

If you don’t have space in your house for storage during remodeling, consider asking your friends or family if they have extra space they can spare. They may have unused space in their garage or basement.

This is also another cost-effective solution since they may not ask that you pay anything. You can offer to return the favor at a later date when your house isn’t a work zone. Be sure to set aside resources and time for moving these items to their house.

If you do rely on family or friends for storage, have a clear understanding of how long the project should take and communicate that to them. You don’t want them to have to house your stuff longer than necessary.

Use a Container for Storage During Remodeling

A portable storage container is also another option for storage during remodeling. These can even be delivered directly to your property. This option is preferred by many due to its flexibility and convenience since you have access to your items at any time.

There are many options available, including containers that are climate controlled. Chose this option If the things you are storing are sensitive to temperature or humidity changes.

When choosing a storage container, research costs and stay within your budget. Also, keep the size of the container in mind and make sure that all your things will fit.

Hire a Reputable Storage Firm

Hiring a reliable firm is another idea for storage during remodeling. This is the most convenient option, as they will handle everything from packing to transportation and storage. Once you are done, they will have your items delivered and back in your home. Search for customer reviews online or ask for referrals from your family and friends.

Remodeling your home is worth the investment. However, you need a safe space to store your items during the project to protect them from damage. Consider any of the storage ideas mentioned above according to your convenience and budget.

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