Smoke Alarms Keep You Safe

Smoke alarms are one of the most important safety systems to be installed in your home. Placement is critical to maximizing a detector’s effectiveness, which helps you act quickly in the event of a fire. Here are tips on smoke detector placement that will help keep your family safe.

Are There Rules Governing Smoke Detector Placement?

Every state has specific laws related to smoke detector use in the home. These laws specify the minimum and should be a baseline for smoke detector placement in your home. There is nothing wrong with installing more alarms to protect your family. A fire inspector is going to check your smoke detectors and other fire safety systems, utilizing a state-of-the-art fire inspection software. 

Where Should You Install Smoke Alarms?

You should only choose a smoke detector from a reputable manufacturer. If ordering online, be wary of generic websites as they could be selling counterfeit models.

Be thoughtful about smoke detector placement and purchase enough units for every area in your home that needs one.

Tips on placement include:

  • Place a detector in the living room and in the stairway to the upper level.
  • Install one smoke alarm in each bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and on every level of the home. This includes the basement and attic.
  • Place a basement smoke detector on the ceiling above the steps.
  • Always keep sensors 10 feet or further from the oven and stove to reduce false alarms.
  • If mounting on a wall, smoke detectors should be within 12 inches from the ceiling.

What are Common Mistakes Made During Installation?

Smoke detectors should not be painted to match rooms, as the paint will inhibit the detector’s proper function. If you are installing connected smoke alarms, ensure that they are all from the same manufacturer. If you mix and match brands, they may not interconnect to all function together, even if the packaging suggests that they will.

Why is Smoke Detector Placement So Important?

Smoke detector placement is one of the most critical factors in whether you will be alerted to a fire and have enough time to evacuate the home. Most house fires become fatal due to family members sleeping through the alarms, which shortens the amount of time they have to escape. Proper placement of your detectors will make the difference between life and death.