Your home’s siding adds curb appeal and protects the structure from the elements. It should be durable while complementing your home’s appearance. The type of home siding materials you choose will determine cost, installation, appearance, and maintenance needs.

Vinyl Home Siding Materials

Vinyl siding is a popular and affordable option. It is easier to install than many other types of siding, so labor costs are lower. There are many readily available color choices, and custom colors can be ordered from most manufacturers. Some manufacturers have started offering options with a backing material designed for better insulation.

Maintenance is generally easy. Vinyl siding is resistant to water and scratching. Periodic cleaning can be done with a garden hose or pressure washer. It does not require repainting. If damage does occur, the damaged pieces can usually be easily replaced.

Stone & Brick Synthetics

Most stone and brick sidings today are manufactured veneers, which give homeowners a less expensive option than traditional stone and brick. Installation involves attaching the pieces to your home’s structure, which gives added stability. This siding is low-maintenance and includes repairing the mortar between the stones as it breaks down over the years.

Because this type of siding is manufactured, stone and brick veneer options are numerous. You’ll find a wide range to choose from in a variety of colors and shapes. This option is often more costly than other siding materials.

Metal Home Siding Material

Metal siding, like steel or aluminum, is another less expensive choice. It requires minimal maintenance, generally limited to repainting every few years if you choose painted versions.

Installation is fairly simple. Metal siding can be installed over existing materials and is overlapped. Some drawbacks are that it is prone to denting and not ideal for areas with high winds.

Wood Home Siding Materials

There are many options for wood home siding materials, possibly providing the most comprehensive selection. Different appearances can be achieved from plank, shingles, and panels.

Most wood siding is more expensive than other options and requires more frequent maintenance. Wood siding needs regular repainting or restaining and frequent treatments to prevent pest infestations.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a mix of cement, clay, wood pulp, and sand. It is highly customizable. Molds are used to create siding pieces that look like other materials such as wood and stone. This type of siding material is very durable, resistant to pests, and fire-resistant.

Installation requires experience and special tools. Sections can be heavy depending on the style. Maintenance is minimal and this siding has a long life span, balancing out the higher initial costs.

You have a lot of options for home siding choices. Consider your budget, how much maintenance you are willing to perform, and what style will complement your home when making your decision.

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