When homeowners decide to tackle improvements, the porch, patio, and deck are often overlooked. By focusing on these areas, you’ll make comfortable places for family and friends to relax and spend time. Here are a few ways to enhance your outdoor living space. And don’t forget about the concrete sealing and asphalt paving work that needs to be done to improve your curb appeal! You may also work on lawn maintenance for your home’s curb appeal.

Install LED Lights

LED lights are inexpensive, and because they use less energy than incandescent lights, they are also inexpensive to use. You can find electric, battery-powered, and solar-powered options. Xpert Electric identifies lighting so you can ask them for advice. You may also visit sites like https://www.asburyelectric.com/service-area/hampton-va/ for more info.

Hang lighting from deck posts or from the awning. Install LED pathway lights to illuminate walkways after dusk. Good lighting makes the deck, courtyard, and patio feel more welcoming and boosts safety. Visit sites like traditionshh.com/lighting-fixtures/ to find great lighting fixtures for your space.

Build a Firepit to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Fire pits are affordable and easy to install. You can build a fire pit with supplies from your local hardware store or purchase one that is ready to use. Fire enhances your outdoor space by adding some light and warmth to cool evenings. Propane and wood-burning fire pits also help repel mosquitoes on summer nights.

Provide Shade

You may not have mature trees or a roof to block the sun from your outdoor spaces. Fortunately, there are simple ways to create shade. Triangle shade sails are widely available and easy to install. They attach directly to your house with sturdy hooks and extend over the deck or patio. These are usually made from strong, UV-resistant fabrics and come in different colors and sizes.

You can also add shade by buying a patio umbrella that mounts to the deck railing or is secured in an umbrella stand. Building a pergola is another great way to shade the patio. Find a DIY kit online or hire a contractor to construct a pergola near your garden, over the patio, or by the pool.

Add Stepping Stones

Bricks and stone tiles enhance outdoor spaces as paths or patios. Beginners can start by making a small sitting area and adding on to it at their own pace. You’ll find an assortment of pavers and patio stones at your local home improvement store.

You might also use stepping stones to build pathways from your home to the patio, courtyard, or pool. This helps keep foot traffic off grass and pathways are attractive and welcoming.

Create Privacy to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Construct a border for the deck or patio by installing lattice panels and you’ll add both privacy and shade to the yard. Climbing vines boost the appeal of outdoor spaces and serve as a natural privacy screen. Consider planting ivy, honeysuckle, or morning glories if you’re looking for fast-growing options.

By taking steps to enhance your patio or deck, you’ll encourage the family to spend more time outdoors. Create attractive outdoor living spaces to add comfort and value to your property.