Tips on How to Build a Safe Deck

Decks are great places for spending time with family and friends. It’s important to keep safety in mind while designing and building your outdoor living space. The right precautions and safety measures will help prevent accidents. Here are some ways to build a safe deck.

Get Approval Before Breaking Ground

Decks are often subject to the same building codes and regulations as houses. Before you start breaking ground or investing in your new project, get in touch with the local building authority to determine what rules govern your area. These codes typically dictate the location and size of your deck and even the building materials. Reference these regulations to make sure your deck is built safely and to code.

To Build a Safe Deck, Install Sufficient Lighting

It’s relaxing to enjoy the evening outdoors as the sun goes down. To maximize deck safety, install sufficient lighting to fully illuminate the area and help prevent tripping and falling. Overhead lights should be enough but you can also install built-in lights for the deck’s stairs.

Build on a Firm Foundation

Your deck is only as secure as the ground upon which it’s built. The ground that a deck is built on should be properly graded, just like a house. The structure should be supported with posts that are placed deep into the ground. Concrete should be poured into these holes to further secure the posts, you can click here to consult a foundation expert for better results.

Use Screws to Build a Safe Deck

One of the easiest ways of making your deck safe is by using screws instead of nails. Screws hold onto wood more securely than nails. The threads that are present in screws make it less likely they’ll slip out. Keep in mind that not all screws are ideal for deck use. You need to find a type for outdoor use and one that won’t succumb to the chemicals used to treat wood.

Build a Safe Deck by Working With Professionals

If you’ve never built a deck before and don’t have experience with construction, outsource the work to a contractor or specialist. These professionals have the experience and qualifications to know what goes into making a deck safe and durable. It will cost more than building it yourself, but it is worth it to have a safe and sturdy deck.

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